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***UPDATED VERSION*** Decided to make a post about Beyoncé’s alter egos. If I’ve missed anyone out, holla at me.

1. Sasha Fierce: Born during the Crazy In Love video (though she wasn’t named until the earring incident), Sasha is feisty, out going and to put it bluntly- she gives no fucks. Most prominent during the I Am… Sasha Fierce era, it was said that she died sometime after that though it seems she is still lurking here and there.

2. Honey Bee: Only seen once during Lady GaGa’s video Telephone, it seems that Honey Bee is an intelligent criminal who is constantly On The Run. Going on killing sprees then fleeing the scene seems to be of interest to her. But unlike GaGa, she doesn’t appear to get caught.

3. B.B. Homemaker: This 1950’s housewife spends all day every day cleaning, cooking, watering the garden, washing, cleaning her Grammys and even fixing the car but feels under appreciated and unloved by her man no matter what she does. Perhaps she needs to set Honey Bee on him with a vile of poison?

4. King B: The cheeky young lady who also gives no shits, she is much less ‘aggressive’ than Sasha. Her take on life appears to be more laid back but with subtle hints of cheekiness. Her attitude is very much fun loving in nature and unafraid of honesty. Think ‘Best Thing I Never Had’.

5. Mrs Carter: This is the ‘wife’ part of Beyoncé. This is the woman who has no shame in admitting that she has but one man and he’s all hers! Mrs Carter is also fairly feisty like Sasha but has a softer side and a heart that could turn into jelly at the sight of her man.

6. Third Ward Trill: This lady is a walking, talking Houston, Texas appreciation society. Deemed because of the locations of Texas, this girl is patriotic and unafraid to admit it!

7. Yoncé: The latest addition to the family of alter egos, Yoncé is much more dramatic than Sasha. She’s very sexual, care free but extremely monogamous. In her own words, she stays on one’s mouth like liquor.

8. Peaches: Taken from the line in Partition ‘he like to call me peaches when we get this nasty’, this is the very private side of Beyoncé. Like Mrs Carter, this is also part of the ‘wife’ side to her. However, this is- to put it bluntly- the lady that greets her man in the bedroom. 

9. Beyoncé: The woman who started it all. The woman who is all of these alter egos. The one who is sexy yet passionate, sensitive yet aggressive, determined and intelligent yet laid back. She is Sasha Fierce. She is King B. She is Mrs Carter. She is Third Ward Trill. She is Yoncé. She is Peaches. She is the queen Bee.


Otto Schmidt aka Otto Schmidt Art - Death And The White Light, 2013    Digital Arts

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